Medical debt in Minnesota among lowest in U.S.

(ABC 6 News) – New research from health experts at NiceRx, a full-service medication access company that provides individuals with safe and affordable access to medications directly from U.S. pharmaceutical companies, have revealed the extent of medical debt in the United States.

They looked at states with the most and least debt, as well as how ethnicity, age, household income, insurance coverage and disability status can also play their part.

According to the research, Minnesota has the lowest prevalence of medical debt in the U.S., with only 2.25% of people owing money for medical expenses.

The research revealed that the cost of medical debt in Minnesota is around $148 million, which is amongst the lowest in the U.S., with the average person having worth around $1,357.

The research revealed:

  • Texas has the highest amount of medical debt. Across the state, residents owe over $14,608M combined or $2,556 on average per person.
  • People in Wyoming have the highest average medical debt at $6,516, while those living in Massachusetts have the lowest at $975.
  • Americans aged 75 and over have the highest level of medical debt with an average of $15,510, however, medical debt is most prevalent in those aged 45 to 54 years, with 20% having debt.
  • 26% of black Americans have medical debt which is the highest in the U.S., while Asian people have the lowest prevalence at 8.90%. However, non-hispanic white Americans have the highest average medical debt at $14,540.

View the methodology and full report HERE.