Mediacom announces programs to connect low-income households with internet

(ABC 6 News) – Mediacom Communications announced its participation in the federal government’s Affordable Connectivity Program designed to help more Americans lower the monthly cost of home internet service.

Qualifying households can receive a credit of up to $30 off their monthly internet service bill. Eligibility is defined by the FCC and targets households with income less than 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines or that participate in government programs such as SNAP, Medicaid, WIC, and Lifeline.

To maximize the ACP benefit, Mediacom has launched a new internet service called Connect2Compete-Plus with a $30 per month price including modem and unlimited data for qualifying households. The new C2C+ tier delivers internet download speeds of up to 50 Mbps and is one of many speed options available to customers who participate in the ACP.

Recent federal legislation created the ACP to replace the temporary Emergency Broadband Benefit program. Mediacom enrolled more than 13,000 households in the EBB program during 2021. Existing EBB customers will continue to receive monthly benefits of up to $50 per month through March 1. Mediacom is working with its EBB customers to transition them into the ACP.

The ACP benefit is available to both new and existing Mediacom customers who qualify. Households interested in participating in the ACP must confirm eligibility at and can then enroll in the program. Information can be found by calling calling 1-855-330-6918 or go to: