Juvenile fights and threatens deputies during incident in Stewartville

(ABC 6 News) – An Olmsted County Sheriff Deputy was hurt while responding to a call with a juvenile female that has been involved in numerous previous incidents.

Late Tuesday night into Wednesday morning deputies were called to a home on the 2100 block of Cardinal Lane NW in Stewartville.

When deputies arrived they saw a juvenile female trying to get into the home with the intention of fighting one of the people inside.

The girl refused to listen to deputies and resisted arrest. While deputies tried to arrest her she continued to threaten the person inside as well as deputies. At one point, the girl started walking toward a deputy and said "Lock me up. I will beat the living [expletive] out of you."

Deputies were able to take the girl to the ground but she continued to fight with them. Additional deputies were called in to help. A taser was used by deputies while trying to take the girl into custody. She fought with deputies while they tried to get her into the squad car.

Once inside, the sheriff’s office said the girl started banging her head against the plexiglass. She was then taken to Saint Marys.

The sheriff’s office said during the incident the girl ripped security cameras from the home and damaged the front door causing nearly $600 in damage.

The girl is facing possible charges of disorderly conduct, 3rd-degree damage to property, obstructing the legal process, 4th-degree assault on a peace officer and felony terroristic threats. The sheriff’s office was not able to send the girl to a juvenile detention center in the area due to capacity limits and other factors so she was released back to a parent.

After the incident, a deputy noticed pain and bruising on the back of their hand and went to the hospital.