Iowans head to the polls for election day

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(ABC 6 News) – This year’s Iowa primaries are sparking more interest because of recent redistricting. For many candidates, they’re running without competition. As for election judges, they say everyone should try being an election judge.

"I think a lot of people need to try this and you can see what the voting process really is," said Lori Bailey, an election judge in Rock Falls, Iowa. "I think it would make you feel more comfortable about the way things are done in the vote. Because everyone is so careful to make sure that we’re doing everything so correctly, that I think it’s just a comfort to know."

For voters on both sides of the aisle, and for some who have switched political parties, there is one main conclusion. No matter your party, everyone shares one specific thought.

"I think as an American, it is our privilege and our right to vote," said Abigail Lee who voted on Tuesday,

Linda Siems, another voter also shared her thoughts on why voting is so important. She said: "It’s our constitutional right and we need to make a better country by having everyone involved, we need to vote."

For voters like these women, Tuesday’s election wasn’t just another ballot. It’s a chance to reflect on the last few years and how they want our country to move forward.

"I think whether you’re happy or unhappy with things that are happening, whether it’s this time, four years from now, or ten years ago, whether you’re happy or not happy, you should always exercise your right to vote," added Lee. "Because that is something people fought for."

And for those who have the opportunity to vote but aren’t filling out a ballot, some voters like Phyllis Cooling have a special message: "If they can’t vote then they can’t complain on what things are going on."