Hormel donates $10,000 to help those impacted by Colorado Wildfires

(ABC 6 News) – Hormel Foods Corporation and its Justin’s subsidiary, based in Boulder, Colo., announced a $10,000 donation to help Conscious Alliance in its effort to help those impacted by wildfires in Colorado.

“The fires happened just outside of Boulder, where Justin’s is headquartered,” said Randy Simonson, president of Justin’s.

“The devastating damage impacted thousands of people in our area. We are proud to support our long-time partner, Conscious Alliance, to help those in need.”

“We are grateful for our strong ongoing partnership with Hormel Foods and Justin’s,” said Justin Levy, executive director of Conscious Alliance.

“Together we can bring healthy food to community members in crisis. Food connects us all, so to be able to help people eat and share a meal is a truly profound way to give back.”