Ham radio group receives national recognition

(ABC 6 News) – A ham radio group in Iowa is being recognized for their work, both on and off the airwaves.

You may not know it, but amateur radio or ham radio operators play a big part in our lives. They work with the National Weather Service during severe weather and also assist with disasters like wildfires and emergencies like search and rescue operations.

The Northland Amateur Communications group was named the top ‘non-profit’ in the state through a poll on the site ‘great non-profits’.

The group is being recognized for raising money for various charities like Alzheimer’s research, Walk MS, and RAGBRAI.

"Hopefully, it means that we are recognized for the good work that we’ve been doing and can gain community support to continue with more good work and to grow the ability that we have to serve through the amateur radio service. To serve our community," Northland Amateur Communications member Jeremy Ryal said.

The Northland Amateur Communications group is made up of all volunteers.