Grant awarded for expansion of Cascade Lake Regional Park

(ABC 6 News) – The Cascade Lake Regional Park will soon increase its footprint to more than twice its current size.

The City of Rochester Parks & Recreation Department announced that it will receive a $379,000 grant from the Greater Minnesota Regional Parks and Trails Commission to support an inclusive expansion to the project.

The grant fulfills just under half of the total required funding for the project.

“We hope this expansion positively impacts all users through a unique blend of play, sensory interactions, and traditional play ideas using more natural elements,” stated Mike Nigbur, Parks & Forestry Division Head. “What really makes this project stand out is its focus on providing all children with the ability to play alongside one another in almost any area of the new playground.”

This project will occur simultaneously with the 2022 State Bonding Project proposal, which provides $2.5 million, from the State of Minnesota, in continued development at Cascade Lake Regional Park. This is all part of the Cascade Regional Park Master Plan. In total, the City of Rochester Parks & Recreation Department has been awarded over $5.7 million in funding from the Greater Minnesota Regional Parks and Trails Legacy Fund supporting Rochester’s three regional parks.

Cascade Lake Regional Park has seen a number of enhancements over the past few years, including the recent preparations this fall for the future fishing pier at Cascade Lake. The pier will be provided and installed by the State of Minnesota in the spring of 2022, as part of the cooperative agreement with the State.

Forthcoming project elements coming in 2022 to Cascade Lake Regional Park aim to advance park experiences by adding an amphitheater, park pavilion, park shelter, water feature, a central drop off area and of course the playground.