Former Harmony dental office turned into Airbnb

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(ABC 6 NEWS) – If you’re looking for a quick road trip this summer, there is a new place to stay in Harmony.

Michael Himlie wanted to create a new place for people to stay in his hometown of Harmony.

"Tourists will come for a day or two they will do a few things around the area and they will leave, but if there is more accommodation hopefully people will be able to stay for a whole weekend or even longer," Owner of Petra’s Garden Airbnb, Michael Himlie said.

Himlie was living in the Middle East for a few years up until COVID.

When he moved back to Harmony, he wanted to buy a house for himself, but also create an Airbnb.

The town’s retired dentist gave him an idea.

"He and his wife said well what about the dentist’s office Would you like to buy that?" Himlie said.

Himlie thought about it and decided to purchase the home back in December and got to work.

"It was about 100 days of initially cleaning the place up tearing up carpet taking out a few walls and from there getting to build back up," Himlie said.

When you look around the home, it’s inspired by Himlie’s time in the Middle East when he served as an Unarmed International Protections Officer.

"I wanted to bring that to Harmony for people to stay here, so that is where a lot of the colors come from that is where the name comes from Petra’s Garden is both one of the seven world wonders in Petra, Jordan, and a small village in the island of Lesvos, Greece," Himlie said.

The house is separated into two sides. One bigger side for larger parties, and one smaller side for a smaller group.

"This is the main living area for the large portion of the house Over here you see there a few pictures on the wall and you’ll see pictures throughout the entire house. Those are photos that I have taken throughout my travels," Himlie said.

From building the bed frames to using flooring that makes you feel like you’re stepping into the Middle East, Himlie hopes this is just one way he can give back to his community by providing a place for people to stay and enjoy Harmony.

The house is also handicap accessible to allow for all travelers to visit.

You can find out more about Petra’s Garden here.