Byron teachers fight to show support for Ukraine

(ABC 6 News) – Teachers at Byron showed up at the district’s school board meeting, pushing back against a policy that says they cannot show support for Ukraine in the classroom.

The district says the rule was interpreted by the district’s lawyer saying it would be political and partisan to support the citizens of Ukraine.

Monday evening, teachers argued the crisis in Ukraine is not a political issue but that it is a human rights issue.

"Byron is a wonderful school district, it’s the staff, the students, the parents, and the community that makes it such a wonderful place to work," fifth-grade math and science teacher Justin Blom said. "I feel this is our opportunity to really utilize our profile to graduate our six C’s, the two most important ones being character and citizenship and utilizing those within our school district as an authentic learning opportunity."

The superintendent says he sent a letter to the school board regarding the rule and it has been passed along to the lawyers.