Breast & Cervical Cancer Screening program expands eligibility

(ABC 6 News) – CG Public Health announced its expanding eligibility for the Care for Yourself program.

The Care for Yourself program has provided free or low-cost breast and cervical cancer screening to eligible individuals for more than 25 years. Now, the statewide program is announcing an expansion to its age requirements to include individuals aged 21 and older, granting even more people access to life-saving cancer screening.

“In the past, the eligibility has ensured people of all backgrounds, aged 40 years of age and older, access to free or low-cost breast and cervical cancer screening,” says Penny McCaslin, Care for Yourself program coordinator at CG Public Health. “Now with the expanded eligibility, anyone aged 21 years of age or older can share in this life-saving program.”

The Care for Yourself Program provides:

  • Cervical cancer screenings, including Pap and HPV tests.
  • Breast cancer screenings, including clinical breast exams, mammograms, and diagnostic testing.
  • Assistance with making appointments, finding transportation, accommodations for language needs, and other barriers to care.

Individuals may qualify if they:

  • Are between 21-64 years of age.
  • Have a monthly income of $2,832 (take-home pay) or less;
  • *Add $983 for each additional household member.

Enrollment is simple. Call Penny today at 1-641-421-9315 and learn more here.