Austin business raises more than $5,000 to help Ukraine

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(ABC 6 NEWS) – Kyle Fett is the owner of Ratatoskr Games in Austin and over the weekend he had a fundraiser at his business and all of that money is going back to the people of Ukraine.

"The outpouring of like verbal support from the community was incredible," Fett said.

Kyle and his wife Anastasiia met when she was a foreign exchange student from Ukraine. Ever since then, their love for each other has been unbreakable.

Kyle then got to know her family, her mom and dad are in Ukraine now as the crisis continues.

"I called everyone I knew, I was like can you donate something? Can you come to help us out? Like anything helps," Fett said.

Kyle and his wife saw what was happening in the country that they love, and they both knew they need to do something, anything to help.

"We had kids driving by giving money out of their pockets," Fett said.

So they held a fundraiser.

"It blew me away, I was like maybe this was going to be a thing and it was," Fett said.

75 people showed up to this, together they raised $5,200 all of that going directly to the Ukrainian Military so they could get equipment and supplies.

"I was there was more we could personally do," Fett said.

But for Kyle, seeing these images, and knowing his loved ones are facing a war, is something that hurts him.

"I’m really torn inside, I feel like I have to try and keep it together, but at times it’s extremely difficult. It’s constant turmoil and chaos in our house because you go to sleep and you don’t know what you’re going to wake up to," Fett said.

But it’s this community, the Austin community, that is making a difference for Kyle and his wife.

"Is there anything you’d like to tell the Austin Community?"

"Your support doesn’t go unnoticed, the people over there do really, really appreciate it. Austin has always been a really good community," Fett said.

This weekend at Kyle’s business there will be a silent auction. All of that money raised is going towards a Ukrainian charity.

Here’s the link.