70-year-old deputy hurt while breaking up assault at Olmsted County detention center

(ABC 6 News) – An Olmsted County Adult Detention deputy was hurt while attempting to break up an incident between two inmates earlier this month.

The sheriff’s office said on December 12 Joseph Martin hit another inmate with a food tray before punching him several times. A 70-year-old detention deputy stepped in to try and break up the incident.

Martin reportedly then turned and began assaulting the deputy instead. The sheriff’s office said Martin punched the deputy in the head. The deputy was taken to the hospital and had several minor injuries.

A second deputy was able to intervene and detain Martin.

The sheriff’s office said the detainee who was originally being assaulted by Martin declined to press charges or make a statement about the assault.

Martin is facing an additional possible charge of 4th-degree assault on a correctional employee.