What the Tech: Facebook Scam Warning

What the Tech: Facebook Scam Warning

What the Tech: Facebook Scam Warning

(ABC 6 News) – A Facebook scam that prompted multiple consumer warnings early last year is going strong and seems to be making the rounds again.

The “Look who died” scam is both bothersome and dangerous. A viewer sent it to me as a message on my Facebook page. The post or message reads: “Look who died. I think you know him”.

I’ll be the first to admit it’s the type of message that makes me want to click on it. Is it someone I know? Someone I grew up with? A close friend?

Keeping up with old friends is why many of us are on Facebook. Since the post or message comes from a friend, you might think nothing about clicking on it for more information.

The message appears to link to a news article or report. What happens if you click on it?

Here’s what I discovered:

The click doesn’t open a news report or website but links to a website that promises to deliver the story once you verify your identity by signing into your Facebook account. Never mind, you are signed in already. That should be the first clue that you’re on a scammer’s website.

If you continue and log in to the fake website pop-up, you’ll be giving your Facebook username and password to a scammer who could easily hijack your Facebook account. They could change your password and send similar messages to your Facebook friends. At the very least, the same spammy message could go to every friend in your friend’s list.

Be on the lookout for this Facebook scam. It’s spreading again, and all it takes is for one of your friends to click on it and enter their login information for it to regain new life and spread even further.