What the Tech? Tech Gifts for Travelers

What the Tech: Gifts for Travelers

What the Tech: Gifts for Travelers

(ABC 6 News) – If you have someone on your gift list this year who seems to always be packing for a trip, many tech gadgets and devices make traveling much easier and enjoyable. Who wouldn’t want airplane cabins quieter? Who wouldn’t want to make it easier to get through airport security? And who wouldn’t want their devices to always be fully charged?

Here are a few tech gadget gift ideas for the frequent traveler on your list.

I’m surprised how few people take along a portable charger and cables. Instead, they’re looking for a free public charging station and sitting nearby while their device charges. A pocket-sized portable battery can charge multiple devices several times before needing a charge itself.

Rather than needing multiple cables for their devices, a three-in-one charging cable cuts down on what they have to take along. Several brands offer one wire with three connections. These generally have a standard USB for older devices, a lightning cable for iPhones, and a USB-C for tablets and newer devices.

A wireless charger eliminates the need for cables. Now that most phones have wireless charging you can simply place the phone down on a wireless charging brick. The Anker portable charger connects to an iPhone or other device and stays connected thanks to a magnet. These are also slim enough to keep in a jacket pocket.

Noise-canceling headphones are more comfortable than earbuds for an extended period and silence everything except what you’re listening to on a phone or tablet. Great for movies and music. Sony and Bose make the best noise-canceling headphones on the market and do not require a cable. Soundcore headphones are a less expensive option and do a great job.

Lost luggage or messenger bags will affect several hours or days. Many A lot people are putting Apple AirTags in their luggage to track the bags. No matter where it goes, they’ll see where the bag is when they open the Apple FindMy app. I’ve heard multiple stories of people locating their luggage when it didn’t appear at baggage claim. Apple AirTags are generally $20-$30 each or a pack for about $100. They’ve been on sale since Black Friday.

And I have yet to travel anywhere without a tech vest or jacket from ScotteVest. With as many as 42 pockets, they can hold every phone, tablet, passport, ID, wallet, and sunglasses they could need on a trip and can replace a carry-on bag. There are vests, jackets, and hoodies with up to 18 pockets. Women travelers in particular love these. I’ve also noticed that in some airports you can remove the vest at the security checkpoint and put it on the conveyor belt without needing to take anything out of the pockets. This isn’t true in every airport.