What the Tech? CES Show: Day One

What the Tech: CES begins in Las Vegas

What the Tech: CES begins in Las Vegas

(ABC 6 News) – It’s funny when you think that this time last year, no one at CES was talking about Chat GPT. Today generative AI is what everyone is talking about.

From autos to kitchen appliances, toothbrushes, and TVs, generative AI or artificial intelligence is coming. TV manufacturers will be introducing AI tools to better recommend shows to watch and deliver targeted ads. Imagine using your TV screen as you do your smartphone screen. It’s coming. But CES is also about small companies with big ideas.

There’s the Looie, a portable luxury bathroom to replace gross porta-potties at events.

“Everyone of these is attended,” explained Looie inventor Cutler Whitely.

“If you want the VIP experience you can pay for a fast pass, you can get in the pit, have fun, go to the bathroom, and get back all for a $25 fee up front.”

I’ve already seen an ice cream machine that uses soda-type cans to make ice cream in about 2 minutes.

Several displays from companies demonstrate the use of Holograms for video meetings.

If you’re like me you use readers. I found a pair of glasses that digitally make it so you can see things up close and will auto-correct so you can see far away.

And then there is Swapply, a portable battery changer, not a charger. It is a battery pack that installs on any smartphone. There’s also a Swapply device that stores fully charged battery packs. When the battery is depleted you insert the phone into the Swapply device which removes the old battery and installs a new one. Rather than plugging in a dead phone for a 45-minute charge, Swapply gives you a fully charged battery in about seven seconds. Swapply will introduce the devices later this year with a focus on adding them to airports and businesses.

The exhibit floor opens Tuesday where we’ll see many more new products and inventions.