What the Tech? App of the Day: Goblin Tools

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(ABC 6 News) – Everyone can face a challenge with certain tasks. Not everyone’s brain works in the same way. Some people may have social anxiety but can draw, write, and paint. Others may be handy around the house but struggle with other tasks.

Professionals call it “neurodivergent”. Neurodivergent People whose brain differences affect how their brain works. The term often describes or explains how the brain works for those on the autism spectrum or who have ADHD.

Artificial intelligence can be a big help to those individuals and the people around them. A new app called “Goblin Tools”, was developed to help neurodivergent brains do some of the things they typically have trouble with. The App of the Day and website is similar to Chat GPT in that it uses Artificial Intelligence to create information and content but is easier for many people to use by breaking down tasks into manageable steps.

Goblin focuses on 6 tools at the moment.

Magic ToDo simplifies tasks by giving step-by-step directions for what you want to do. Simply enter what you’re working on into the search bar. How to do laundry, for example. There are “spicy” peppers next to the search bar to let you choose how detailed you need the directions. Then hit enter. Goblin gives you a list and the order you should do them. You can enter anything. Examples include how do you create a YouTube video, and how to create a marketing plan. Tasks that will be simpler if you know what you should do. Goblin breaks down the task into manageable steps. It’ great for people who have trouble staying on task. It’s also helpful if you are easily distracted or just have no clue where to start.

A second tool called “The Judge” detects tone in what you or someone else is saying or writing. Enter a sentence or paragraph and “The Judge” can tell you whether the message is angry, condescending, friendly, or judgmental. This is a great tool for people who struggle with social cues and who cannot easily judge themselves. This includes what people are saying by the tone they use. I’ve found it’s also good to use the Judge tool when sending an email to someone. Then, what you say is not interpreted the wrong way.

Another tool called The Formalizer takes sentences, paragraphs, or other content and will make them sound more professional, formal, or social. Maybe you want to invite someone to your home for dinner or cocktails. You may want the invitation to sound different based on who you’re sending it to. If it’s to a boss or potential client you may want it to sound formal or professional. If you’re inviting friends, you can enter the same information, and “The Formalizer” will change the tone or nature of the invitation.

The Estimator tool can show you approximately how long it will take to complete. You can input the steps from the Magic ToDo into the Estimator to see how long that task might take.

The Compiler can take multiple thoughts and ideas from a brain dump. It then breaks it up into a list of tasks.

And with the Chef tool, enter what food is in your fridge or pantry and it’ll show what you can make with just those ingredients. You can see how helpful Goblin tools can be for everyone.

The developer says these are just the first tools available and more are to come. And the app is just 99 cents for iPhone and Android. You can also try Goblin Tools before downloading the app by visiting their website.