What the Tech? App of the Year: Chat GPT

What the Tech: App of the Year

App of the Year: Chat GPT

(ABC 6 News) – When I look back at smartphone apps that were released or discovered in 2023, I think of productivity apps, apps that help around the house, and apps that keep us entertained and safe.

While making a very short list of apps I consider to be the “best” of the best, I can narrow the list down to four which I’m looking at this week.

It’s crazy that this time last year, few people had ever heard of Chat GPT. When word about the free AI tool started going around in January it captured the attention of nearly everyone around the world.

At the time, it could be used only in a web browser and it took until May before an official Chat GPT app would be released in the Apple App Store. At last count, the app has been downloaded over 20 million times worldwide and is now available for both iPhone and Android devices.

The Chat GPT app hit the Apple app store in the spring and launched for Android devices later in the year. The app is faster than using the Chat GPT website. If you use the platform often, the app makes it convenient to make requests and copy and paste results into a messaging app. It also syncs your history with the desktop Chat GPT account.

Updates make it possible to chat with chat GPT using your voice where you can ask the assistant for ideas, or play a game. It’s as if you’re speaking to another person or companion and much easier than using Chat GPT in a browser.

If you’re unfamiliar with Chat GPT, it’s a platform where you can ask for anything and get instant results as if it’s coming from a human rather than a Google search return. For example, you can ask Chat GPT to write a paper, blog post, song, or movie script and in seconds, artificial intelligence will create what you asked for.

Real estate agents use it to help create listings. Teachers use it for lesson plans, and they’ll even plan a vacation based on what they enjoy doing. Ask it for restaurant suggestions in a city you’ll be visiting, and for gift ideas for a special occasion. With the app you can play a game just ask “What games can we play?” and the Chat GPT voice will suggest games such as 20 Questions which you can play together.

But be careful which Chat GPT app you download and install. The official Chat GPT app is from Open AI. It’s free for iPhone and Android devices.