What the Tech? iOS 17 Update

What the Tech : iOS Update

What the Tech : iOS Update

(ABC 6 News) – An important security update is now available for most iPhones. It will prevent someone from stealing your device and locking you out of your Apple Account.

Apple released iOS 17.3 this week with “Stolen Device Protection”. The update addresses a setting that makes it easy for thieves to take over someone’s Apple account.

If someone managed to get your passcode and your phone, they could turn off location settings. They could also set up a new Face ID, change the password, and even apply for an Apple credit card.

In recent months some iPhone users have reported that someone peeked over their shoulder as they entered their unlock passcode. Theives then stole the phone when they weren’t looking.

When victim realizes their phone had been stolen the thief changed passcodes, Face ID, email, and passwords. Think what someone could do with total control over your smartphone. They can open garage doors, turn off security systems, see saved passwords, and set up their own Face ID. This which would allow them to use your credit cards.

Stolen Device Protection will now require Face ID before those changes can be made. There’s also a one-hour delay to change things like Face or Touch ID. This occurs when if the phone is in an unfamiliar location.

If someone steals a phone and has the passcode, they will not be able to change those critical login credentials. It will only work if the phone is somewhere other than the owner’s home or work.

iOS 17.3 also includes updates to allow iPhone users to collaborate on Apple Music Playlists. There will also be lock screen wallpapers to honor Black History Month, and Apple Hotel support. This which will allow users to stream content directly from their phone to hotel room televisions.

The update improves crash detection and allows the iPhone owner to see complete coverage of AppleCare. This is for all of their devices logged into the same Apple ID.

To find the update look for a red “1” above the Settings icon. You can also open Settings and look for Software Update. If it’s available for your phone, you’ll see a prompt to install it.

iOS 17.3 works on iPhone Xs and later.

I suggest installing the update when you are home and on WiFi. It may take several minutes to download and install.

For complete information on iOS 17.3 see Apple’s support page.