What the Tech? Tech gifts for women

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(ABC 6 News) – If you search Amazon for gift ideas for women, you’re not going to see many tech gadgets. But women do love tech and they’re going to love these gifts and be surprised you thought of them.

We’ll start with someone who goes to the gym.

Nobody wants to fool with a traditional lock for a gym locker. The Tapplock is one of my favorite gadgets and uses a fingerprint to open it. No fumbling with a key or remembering a combination. Just tap and unlock. These are $100. They’re sold out in many places online but there are other brands of fingerprint locks.

For anyone working out at home, there’s the Mirror. A home gym where you work out with instructors live. Don’t worry they can’t see you. Mirror offers many classes and you’ll work out with other Mirror owners. It’s pricey at around $800 and there’s a monthly subscription for the live classes.

Every woman has complained about pockets or the lack of pockets in women’s clothing. The ScotteVest has pockets. Lots of pockets. This jacket has 24 pockets, the hoodie has 18. To store an iPad, phones, keys, wallets, cameras, and most anything else they’ll need to take along with them. Both are $154. Great for traveling and for anyone woman who’d like to leave her purse behind.

Birdie is a self-defense gadget for women, created by women. The Birdie is a small device that attaches to a keychain, or an overcoat, or is stashed in a purse.

If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, just pull the top from the Birdie to release a very loud alarm and a bright flashing light to scare someone away. It works without a subscription but for $9 a month, you get a live helpline 24/7 that shares your location with emergency contacts whenever you pull the top.

Digital picture frames have come a long way in recent years. The Nixplay frame displays photos from smartphones and can upload photos automatically every time you take one. Send photos from your phone to the person’s Nixplay frame no matter where they live.

These gadgets do not go on sale very often but you’ll find most of them at a discount through the holidays.