What the Tech? Shipping delays

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(ABC 6 News) – Most of the time, Amazon Prime orders arrive in two days. It’s why most people pay $140 a year for a membership. But during the holidays, deliveries can take longer and some packages don’t arrive for 5 days or longer. So what do you do?

Amazon’s 2-day shipping clock doesn’t start until the item is shipped. If an item is sold out, even if it doesn’t arrive in 5-6 months, it can still fall within the 2-day window delivery window.

If an item is in stock and doesn’t arrive within two days of shipping, you can ask Amazon to make amends. Amazon’s policy doesn’t spell it out, but if you search for Amazon Delayed delivery, you can s chat with a chatbot and make your case. If you can talk with a real person, and if you’re polite about it, you could get a small credit as an apology. Some shoppers report getting a 1-month extension on their Prime membership. But there’s no guarantee.

What if you don’t get something you ordered from another company? The FCC says you should contact the seller to resolve the problem. If that doesn’t work and your credit card is charged, dispute the charge with your credit card company.

If you used a debit card, contact your bank. But fair warning, you may not have much recourse if the money already left your account.

Before ordering something you see on Facebook, or in an email or website, check out the company by searching for it on Google. And never use a debit card to shop online. If you’ve used it before, make sure it isn’t saved on any company’s website.

The FCC has further guidance on delayed deliveries on purchases from debit cards. You can find it HERE.