What the Tech? Health breakthroughs at CES

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(ABC 6 News) – Of some 3,200 exhibitors at this year’s CES (otherwise known as the Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, several hundred are companies in the digital health space. As the population continues to age, companies all over the world are developing new technologies, gadgets, devices, and apps to keep people healthier and live longer.

While the official exhibit space doesn’t open until Thursday, CES hosted a media event called “Unveiled” where companies literally unveiled their products. On that show floor, there were dozens of tech health devices and applications. Not only for our health but the health of our pets.

The Invoxia smart dog collar is one such device. Not much thicker than the dog collar you may use now, it is filled with sensors and chips to track a dog’s GPS location, how much they sleep during the day and their activity. sleeping and activity. And more.

“It also tracks their resting respiratory and heart rate throughout the day,” said MadelineTersigni.

All of the data is displayed on a smartphone from anywhere.

“When you see discrepancies on the app such as a change in the heartbeat or heart rate during the day you’ll be able to see there may be a problem and maybe. You should take them to the vet,” she said.

The Motion Pillow is for snorers and people who sleep with them. It’s a pillow and a bedside device that listens to a person sleeping.

“Once it hears you begin to snore, it finds where your head is on the pillow and it begins to move you gently,” said Brent Chappell of Motion Pillow. The pillow itself has no electronics inside. Airbags within the memory foam inflate to roll your head enough to change positions. “Your airway re-opens. You stop snoring, the pillow deactivates and you keep on sleeping,” said Chappell.

The Motion Pillow is expected to be on sale in the US later this year.

Neutrogena partnered with Nourished to create personalized skincare gummy vitamins with a 3D printer. The customer gets a digital face scan from Neutragena to assess a person’s skin type. Once that information is gathered, the company’s 3D printer begins creating gummy vitamins personalized to one’s skin.

“They have 7 different layers of ingredients that are scientifically backed and are selected by our Neutrogena scientists,” said Desiree Dowe from Neutrogena. “They are freshly made to order and delivered to your door.”

One of the most impressive exhibits at Unveiled is from Nuralogix. A company with an app that turns selfies into “healthies.”

Lindsay Brennan explained how the technology works. “We take 30+ different vitals and health measurements using only the facial blood flow patterns in your face.”

The facial scan takes about 30 seconds. “We measure blood pressure, heart rate, your risk for type 2 diabetes, hba1c, all purely from a contactless healthy video,” she said. As your body’s physiological state changes the blood flow in your face changes as well so we’ve got the camera can pick up on these changes.

The demonstration was impressive. It correctly determined the age of a man who tried the device and when it scanned my own face, it found my heart rate at 86bpm. When I checked my Apple Watch’s heartbeat sensor app, it too showed 86bpm.

The Nuralogix app is not for release to consumers. It is a B2B company licensing its technology to other companies that deal directly with patients and consumers