What the Tech? App of the Day: Goodnotes

What the Tech App of the Day

App of the Day: Goodnotes

(ABC 6 News) – I’m always looking for better ways to do what I do daily. What I do, requires taking a lot of notes and writing.

Note-taking apps are all similar and some are expensive (over $100 a year). Free notes apps from Google and Apple are fine for quick notes and scans, but organizing notes and creating bigger projects are not easy in those apps.

Then I found Goodnotes 6. And I may have finally stopped looking for something to replace Evernote. Goodnotes 6 is truly a versatile and do-it-all platform for taking notes, writing long articles, sharing projects, and as a daily planner. It’s especially good for people who like to take notes by hand.

Where to begin with this app?

The interface is very clean and uncluttered. From the start, you create notebooks where you can organize your notes. If you’re a student in an English class, every note you take can be stored in a specific folder.

Like most other note-taking apps you have font options, ink colors, and highlighter. You can also include links, images, and audio in notes. That could include something the professor says, or from a co-worker making a point about a project.

The new features in Goodnotes 6 are amazing. If you take notes by hand and misspell something, the app corrects the typo to match your handwriting. Everything inside a note is searchable by keyword. Even if you don’t have the best handwriting (like me), you can search for any word and Goodnotes finds the note you’re looking for. An improved lasso tool allows you to select any section of a note and move it somewhere else on the page. New AI features will answer math problems and re-write a paragraph to make it more professional or more casual.

Like Chat GPT, it added information when I asked it to mention other note-taking apps. There are free templates for all sorts of projects including one to create a daily planner. Other templates are available to purchase. Notes can be exported as PDFs (something Evernote couldn’t do) and can be saved to any device or computer. It syncs notes across all of your devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, and most Samsung tablets).

Goodnotes 6 is free for up to 3 notebooks. If you need more, a subscription is $9.99 a year which is a real bargain. I found it to be fine on a phone but if you have an iPad, Samsung tablet, and a stylus, Goodnotes 6 is a must-have.

Teachers take note, Goodnotes is free for schools.