ABC 6 News Excellent Educator: Mrs. Sorgatz

ABC 6 News Excellent Educator: Mrs. Sorgatz

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(ABC 6 News) – Every month, we here at ABC 6 News like to highlight a local educator who goes above and beyond in the classroom. This March, that honor goes to Mrs. Sorgatz, a second-grade teacher at Southland Elementary in Adams.

It takes a special type of teacher to make an impact.

Second-grader Bryndle Galle describes her teacher, Mrs. Carrie Sorgatz as “really like nice and stuff.”

Sorgatz teaches with kindness or makes tricky lessons easy to understand.

“She teaches math and she’s a good teacher,” added Tanner Frein-Turner, who is also in Mrs. Sorgatz’s class.

Sorgatz has taught for 17 years, something she wanted to do all her life.

“I had a neighbor when I lived in Austin that was a retired teacher. I spent a lot of time with her so from there, she fostered that love and I knew, I knew right away that I wanted to be a teacher,” said Sorgatz.

Her students think it was the right choice, just ask Beau Lunning.

“She’s good at it and stuff.”

The surprise of being our ABC Six Excellent Educator threw some students off guard, like Tanner Frein-Turner.

“I thought you were just from the office or something.”

At the end of the day, it’s an honor for Sorgatz.

“After teaching as long as I have, and putting the students first and just loving them every day, it really means a lot to receive this and be noticed,” said Sorgatz

“There’s always something new, or challenging or fun that they bring into the table, and so it’s great because while they’re building their knowledge, so am I.”

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Congratulations, Mrs. Sorgatz!