ABC 6 News Excellent Educator: Ms. Button

Ms. Button, Inspiring the next generation

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(ABC 6 News) – Every month, we here at ABC 6 News like to highlight a local educator who goes above and beyond in the classroom. This February, that honor goes to Ms. Button, a third grade teacher at Bear Cave Intermediate School in Stewartville.

For 10 years, Ms. Button has loved teaching. And that love has never gone away.

“If you ask my parents, they kind of knew I always wanted to be a teacher. I’ve been playing school ever since I was a kid so they kind of always knew this was the career path I would choose,” she said.

Teaching third graders everything they need to know from math to reading. As she goes around the classroom to help students individually, time flies by just like it does during the school year.

“They grow a lot socially,” said Ms. Button. “You see a lot of their confidence grow in third grade as well. It’s just in my opinion, the best age group to teach.”

As they grow and change, so does their outlook, just ask third grader Camille Johnson.

“She’s my favorite teacher I’ve ever had any time in school,” said Camille. “I usually quit school a lot, just because I don’t really like it. But I don’t think I’m going to do that this year. She’s the best.”

A teacher her students think is the best, and one deserving of an ABC 6 Excellent Educator Award.

“I’m almost like, ‘Do I deserve it?!’ I feel very special, so it’s a wonderful feeling. It’s nice to see your hard work get recognized I guess,” added Button.

When her students are home for the day, her impact is never far behind.

“I want to be a teacher when I grow up. I’m not sure. That makes me kind of want to be a teacher because she’s so awesome,” Johnson said when asked how her teacher inspires her.

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Congratulations, Ms. Button!