6 On Your Side: Consumer Confidence, the key to avoiding car theft

the key to avoiding car theft

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(ABC 6 News) – Car thefts are soaring, and it’s happening all over, in larger cities and smaller towns.

As thieves get smarter, so should you.

Consumer Reports reveals some helpful tips to make sure your car isn’t the next target.

The most stolen vehicles in America in 2022 were Chevy and Ford Pickup trucks, Honda Civic and Accords, and Hyundai Sonatas.

The key to keeping your car where you parked it? Make it seem like stealing it is more trouble than it’s worth!

One way to do that, don’t leave valuables in your car that can be easily spotted from the outside, and park in a well-lit spot to make your car less of a target.

Remember those big clunky steering wheel locks? Police say they work because they make your car look harder to steal.

The blinking red light of a built-in anti-theft device is another way to deter car thieves, and it could save you as much as 23% on your auto insurance!

For even more peace of mind, you may want to add a security camera to your home to help protect your car.

One from Wyze performed well in CR’s tests and costs just $50.

Or a camera from Nest with an automatic flood light. Consumer Reports’ Jeff Bartlett says, “Simply having a light that turns on automatically if anyone approaches your garage can really be effective in scaring away potential thieves.”

You may even be able to get away with a well-positioned video doorbell!

Brandon Murphy’s Ring doorbell captured his neighbor’s car being stolen in the middle of the night. “The neighbor said his car got stolen, so the first thing I thought was, well we save five days’ worth of camera feeds off of the smart doorbell. Sure enough, it was there,” says Murphy.

The local police were able to retrieve the car with absolutely no damages and remind the car’s owner of an obvious, but important anti-theft tip, Bartlett says, “If you leave the keys or your key fob in the vehicle and it’s unlocked, it’s an open invitation.”

Some cars come with GPS tracking systems like OnStar, that won’t prevent theft, but they can help find your car after the fact. You can also add an aftermarket tracking system that plugs into your vehicle’s computer port, or have an integrated system installed by a professional.