Teenager arrested in connection with June 9 Austin shooting

(ABC 6 News) – UPDATE: Jenup Stepen Chop pleaded not guilty to five felony charges related to the June 9 Austin shooting. His jury trial is scheduled for Jan. 16, 2024, with a pretrial hearing Jan. 5.

(ABC 6 News) – Austin police arrested a third suspect in a June 9 shooting that killed one and wounded two others.

Jenup Stepen Chop, 18, faces five felony charges related to the shooting: 2nd-degree murder–with intent, not premeditated; 2nd-degree murder–drive-by shooting; 2nd-degree attempted murder–with intent, not premeditated; 2nd-degree attempted murder–drive-by shooting; and drive-by shooting toward a person.

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The charges are the same ones faced by Cham Oman and Manamany Abella, the other two suspects in the case.

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According to court documents filed Friday, June 16, a car containing Abella, Oman, and Chop allegedly pulled up next to the car containing the three victims and one or more of the suspects allegedly shot at the victims, killing Nygare Gilo and wounding two others.

Court documents filed after Oman and Abella’s arrests June 10 do not mention a third suspect.

According to Chop’s criminal complaint, Austin police claim that they learned of Chop’s involvement during their investigation.

Police claim that according to surveillance footage, Chop went with Oman to purchase a handgun magazine in Austin the day before the shooting, and may have set the used magazine, glove and a sanitizer wipe by a tree in the City of Albert Lea following the shooting.

Chop was arrested June 14 and arraigned June 16.

Mower County Court judge Natalie Martinez set Chop’s bail at $1M without conditions, and $750,000 with conditions.

His next court appearance is scheduled for June 29.