Abdulkadir Ali’s father speaks out against his son’s arrest

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(ABC 6 News) – Abdulkadir Ali’s father Mohamed Hussein says his son has a mental illness and that the timeline Friday night does not add up for his son to have committed this crime.

He says that his son left the house around 6:10 p.m., and according to court documents, the stabbing happened just four minutes later.

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“You know I don’t understand what happened and how he got there so fast,” said Hussein.

A mapping program was used to estimate how long it takes to walk from Ali’s house to the scene of the stabbing. That estimate says it takes about 6 minutes. Hussein says his son does not leave the house much because he has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. But does walk that route sometimes to the grocery store.

“He goes sometimes outside, but not many times. He stays home all the time. He’s afraid. He says maybe if I go outside, I’ll be killed or something will happen to me,” said Hussein.

Police say Ali was found nearby the scene with a knife next to him and blood on his hands. He told police that he decided to attack the victim because she looked weak and wanted to use the victim to get “revenge” on people that didn’t like him.

“I don’t believe it because he never has touched anyone in his life,” said Hussein.

According to police it was Ali himself that called 911 after the incident. And his dad says he does this often when he is in crisis.

“I think my son has been framed. He called the police to take him to the hospital. He said he doesn’t know anything about that and that he didn’t do nothing. And he asked, ‘what time am I getting out?’ he thinks he’s staying in the hospital,” said Hussein.

Ali is now facing multiple charges including one count of attempted murder. But his schizophrenia diagnosis could tie up any attempt to convict him if he’s ruled incompetent to stand trial or if his mental illness prevented him from knowing the difference between right and wrong.

“The other one is this concept of somebody may not be guilty because they were mentally ill at the time, whatever happened. And because of the mental illness. They didn’t realize what they were doing and that it was wrong,” said Olmsted County Attorney Mark Ostrem.

The Rochester Police Department said in a statement, ” Mr. Hussein has not shared any concerns with us. The facts of this case speak for themselves.”

Rochester police records manager Rachel Lehman said she could not disclose whether Ali had called dispatch frequently for aid, as the data is not public.

Hussein did say if his son is proven guilty, he is very sorry, and his heart goes out to the victim and her family.

Ali will appear in court again on September 27.