Family Services holds forum for family caregivers

A helping hand for Family Caregivers

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(ABC 6 News) – In Minnesota alone, there are 530,000 family caregivers who provide 500 million hours of report every single year.

Nationwide, care provided by caregivers was valued at $600 billion in 2021. $130,000 over 2020.

Those numbers will continue to increase as baby boomers continue to age and most of those hours go unpaid.

November is National Family Caregivers Month. The time to acknowledge the support that these people dedicate their time, energy and finances, caring for a loved one. So to get a leg up on when that day comes, because it will, Family Services Rochester held a caregiving forum to get the word out about help available for caregivers.

Kathy Voss with FSR is a certified caregiving consultant and a caregiver to her two disabled sons.

The big question: what can FSR’s forum give to caregivers?

“[We’re] hoping people take away that they’re not alone,” Voss said. “That there are resources out there and that they just make a call to us to a Family Service Rochester that we can help them with either caregiving, consulting or caregiving respite.”

Five presenters shared their experience and knowledge today to several people. There to learn more. And while Family Services Rochester has been in the community since 1965, their caregiving support is a new service they provide. And if you would like to learn more about help at the Family Services Rochester can provide, CLICK HERE.