Prep of the Week: Ryann Witter

(ABC 6 News) — This season, Ryann Witter is poised to lay it all on the line.

The stellar senior of Lourdes Girls Tennis has started off this year spotless with no losses to her name so far in 2022 as the eagles continue to be one of – if not the top team in Class 1A today.

“I think I’ve definitely done well at keeping focus and trying to play offensive tennis which is my game,” Witter reflected. “I don’t like to be on the defense I don’t like to be all over the court. I like to be on the offense and taking ground and not allowing my opponent to window-wipe me around the court.”

An intensely competitive young woman, she’s determined to take Lourdes to state and take care of business; much like how she finally defeated a rival in Eden Prairie’s Nyathi Bhupatiraju.

“The score was like 6-2, 6-1,” Witter recounted. “It wasn’t a long match, but I just knew right then, I can beat these players that I wasn’t able to beat before. I am better than I was before.”

“She knows how to adapt to her opponents, so that helps her to be an elite player as well,” Assistant coach Joe Boyer added.

For Witter to go far, she’ll utilize a skill involving what’s typically a struggle for most tennis players: The backhand.

“So oftentimes, she’ll try to place her serve into a position where they can’t hit anything other than a backhand,” teammate Ellie Leise noted. “And that really allows her to get points and get back into the game.”

With a long road ahead of Eagles Girls Tennis, Witter’s the benchmark for a team that can most certainly reach state. It’s simply a matter of finishing the job for both Witter herself and the team.

“I don’t want to have any regrets, I don’t want anyone on our team to have any regrets,” Witter affirmed. “I am sure everyone on the team hopes it means a win. But as long as we’re all happy with how we played and we tried our best, that’s all I can ask for my team, that’s all I want them to ask themselves.”