Workforce Development receives $15K grant

(ABC 6 News) – Workforce Development in Rochester has been gifted 15 thousand dollars to support job readiness programs for underserved people in southern Minnesota. 

The award comes from the AT&T foundation as part of its 2-billion dollar grant program directed towards developing a more advanced workforce.

The funding is meant to “bridge the digital divide” – giving job seekers access to tools that can give them more experience with technology that’s commonly used in high-demand fields. 

And it’s those skills, that Workforce Development says can change lives. 

“While there are a lot of job opportunities right now we do see a trend of under-employment and shrinking that gap will open up new opportunities for people to increase their income and with increasing their income that can change lives,” Regional Career Pathway Coordinator Melanie Bersano said.

Workforce Development is a non-profit workforce center dedicated to helping individuals with skills development & career preparation.

Workforce Development works with every population from youth to adults to dislocated workers but gives particular focus to communities and individuals facing barriers to meaningful and living-wage employment.