Vigil held for murdered 2-year-old in Emmons

(ABC 6 News) – Family and friends gathered together on Friday to remember the life of a toddler who died unexpectedly on Thursday, July 6. Ahziyas Dampha died from blunt force trauma from a domestic incident and his family laid him to rest on Friday.

His mother, Emma Sullivan, and aunts Gabi Sullivan and Triena Becker, remembered Ahziyas as a child that always smiled and sang for those around him, bringing a bright light to their lives every day he was there.

“I don’t think there was a time that he wasn’t laughing or smiling,” said Becker. “It was nice watching him build a personality. It was good knowing him that way.”

Affectionate, handsome, zestful, intelligent; these are just a few words used in an anagram of Ahziyas name that his family used to describe him.

A big smile with dimples, brown eyes lighting up with excitement at his favorite snacks. These are only a few of many good memories his family will keep of him.

“His loving smile and that, everything I look at there’s always a memory with him and I think that just keeps me going in a lot of ways,” said Gabi Sullivan.

As one of his two aunts, Gabi Sullivan described Ahziyas as her best friend whom she spent countless hours with.

“I’ve gotten past the time where I just feel sad and where I get triggered. But now I just look at it and say, “That was so funny that this moment happened and it was just the best time.” I know that he did have a lot of fun and that there’s a story behind everything from him.”

And for Emma Sullivan, who lost her first child so soon, there are still many great memories that is outshining the pain for her.

“Everything’s good memories and a good way to remember him by,” said Emma Sullivan. “I see so many things just in this past week, the smallest little things are, oh my gosh, it’s Ahziyas. Not in any bad way but just picture him just dancing or singing, or munching on a bag of chips.

If you’d like to donate in support of Ahziyas’ family, click here.