Southern Minnesota will be getting a new area code

(ABC 6 News) – Southern Minn. has used the area code 5-0-7, since 1954, but it looks like the code may be changing.

According to the North American Numbering Plan Administrator, the area code is running out of new numbers for the 5-0-7 code.

One solution is to split the region in two, giving one area the 5-0-7 area code, and the other a new number. No decision has been made yet.

No old numbers will change, as this will apply to new phone numbers being added in the coming years.

One Rochester man says 5-0-7 means so much to him, that he had it tattooed on his leg.

“I’m really about this and this is my city and people here are about the same way. I really love Rochester, I want to support it, and they even put 507 on their body too. They really support the small business community here and rep the 507, so I think it would be pretty sad to see that go away,” said Nathan Hoover, creative director for 507 Creative Collective.