Rochesterfest Treasure Hunt Medallion found!

(ABC 6 News) – UPDATE: Rochesterfest leadership confirmed that Anastasia Piltingsrud and Max Vetting located the 2022 Rochesterfest Treasure Hunt Medallion after only one clue was given.

Executive director Stephen Rose said Piltingsrud left a message which wasn’t received until two other clues were released.


After only three clues, Anastasia Piltingsrud and Max Vetting were able to find the 2022 Rochesterfest Treasure Hunt Medallion on Monday, June 20.

According to Rochesterfest officials, the medallion was hidden under a big bush near the playground equipment, not far from the river, at Cook Park in NW Rochester.

They said the first Bonus Clue from Charlie’s helped them out the most. They thought the word “Olde” meant that it might be near Ye Olde Butcher Shoppe (which is close to Cook Park).

Here were the first three clues:

CLUE #3 – Monday 6/20:

On to a new day back in the fray
A choir of voices outpouring
Once more to the breach to you I beseech
Conduct yourself well while exploring

CLUE #2 – Sunday 6/19:

From what Daisy has grown, horns of victory blown
Named adjacent to national expanse
A sweet musical tone, can all on its own
Bring a dozen and more to the dance

CLUE #1 – Saturday 6/18:

If treasure you seek, you’re in for a week
Of adventure in tradition of old
A journey through history, a two-toned mystery
That requires those clever and bold

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