Rochester Towers residents finding alternative housing

(ABC 6 News) – Residents who live at the Rochester Towers say it’s been a rollercoaster of emotions the last few days. One day they are told they might be able to move back in relatively soon and the next day they are told it’s going to be longer. Leaving 180 people still without a home.

“First was stunned. First was did I hear that right,” said Judy Lundy a resident of the building.

Judy was not home at the time the evacuation notice went out. So Craig the maintenance guy for the property gave her a call that she needed to get home and get her car out of the parking garage.

“The I started asking questions. Can I get up to my unit and how long are we going to be out,” said Judy.

Originally residents were told a week, but now it could be a month or longer before Judy and her dog Pepper can go home.

“I was frustrated. There wasn’t anyone around to communicate things,” said Judy.

Judy says the communication breakdown has continued since Friday. And we are experiencing the same thing. ABC 6 has reached out to management every day for the past five days and still, haven’t heard back from them. The most communication anyone has gotten is from Craig.

“Craig is there for the residents. Even though he has been put in a box lately by the HOA. He was the only one that was there on Friday,” said Judy.

Craig has been working tirelessly to retrieve resident’s belongings from their condos since Friday.

Yesterday when I went, I had to have go up and get some spare parts for my cochlear implants. I didn’t want to be without those,” said Judy.

We spoke with Craig about his work. He declined an interview, but he said, “I’m just doing the job I was hired to do, and I treat this place like it is my own home.”

“He was watering plants waiting for the next emergency medicine pick up by people so yeah, he’s a great guy,” said Judy.

While Craig is holding down the fort many residents like Judy have been staying in hotels. But insurance is not covering the cost for their rooms. So, many others are looking for alternative housing.

“One lady went to California and another couple is going to North Carolina to be with family,” said Judy.

And for Judy, she and Pepper are going to Iowa still unsure if and when she’ll be back.