Rochester man pleads not guilty after allegedly following a woman to her home

(ABC 6 News) – A Rochester man pleaded not guilty on Tuesday after allegedly following a teenage girl and entering her home.

Martin William Danielson, 32, of Rochester, is charged with 1st-degree burglary and harassment from an incident that occurred on June 23.

According to court documents, police received a call from a NW Rochester residence of a suspicious man that followed a teenage girl home.

Officers located the girl distraught and crying and told police she was walking in the neighborhood and noticed a man, later identified as Danielson, staring at her from about 100 yards away.

The girl tried to ignore him by making a phone call, and as she spoke, Danielson continued to stare and approached to about 30 yards, according to court documents.

The girl began to walk home and Danielson followed never saying a word.

The girl noticed the garage was open to her home, and as she approached she ran in and hid behind her parents’ car.

Court documents state that she saw Danielson walk passed the open garage, up the front walk toward the house and enter the home.

The girls father confronted Danielson in the entrance before running off.

Officers would later find Danielson near his truck in the neighborhood and arrest him.

Danielson is being held in the Olmsted County Detention Center.

His next court date is scheduled for October 7 with a trial date scheduled for December 19.