Mayo Clinic paramedic students simulate emergency responses

(ABC 6 News) – Students of Mayo Clinic’s Emergency Medicine Paramedic Program gathered at Cooke Park on Tuesday and learned about responding to a child with an allergic reaction, even completing the scene with a worried mother.

The students arrived in an ambulance and walked through responding to the scene as if it were a real medical emergency.

Simulations like these are meant to prepare students for the real situations they could be faced with once certified.

“It’s a job field like nothing else in the world, you know?” said Lane Coffman, Paramedic Field Training Officer at Mayo Clinic. “One minute you’re sitting at the station having lunch. The next minute you’re out doing CPR on somebody’s kid and you’re the difference between life and death.”

These simulations give students a chance to show their ability to perform under pressure in frantic situations.

“Being able to critically think is a big, big educational point that we concentrate on in our programs,” said Jeffery Schultz, Emergency Medicine Paramedic Program director.

The next class of students will begin on August 22. The class is full with fifteen students in Rochester and five in Duluth. Those numbers are up from the current class of nine.