Iowa House passes government reorganization bill

(ABC 6 News) – Iowa lawmakers on Wednesday passed a state government reorganization bill that would reduce the number of state agencies from 37 to 16.

The 1,500 page proposal, SF 514, passed in the House with a 58 to 39 vote. The bill passed through the Iowa Senate last week with a 34 to 15 vote.

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds released the following statement after the vote:

“For decades, Iowans have seen state government grow beyond its means. Today, the Iowa House joined me and the Iowa Senate to declare an end to bloated bureaucracy. We are making government smaller, more efficient, and more effective. We are saving taxpayer dollars and putting Iowans’ needs first. This transformational legislation will put Iowa in the best position to help our state thrive.” 

Iowa Governor, Kim Reynolds (R)

Meanwhile, Iowa Democrats raised concerns as they filed 15 amendments which all failed on the House floor. They criticized the bill saying it gives to much authority to the Governor over the appointment, firing and salary of top-level state employees.

“This amendment would protect these department heads, allow them to have a little bit of independence to speak their own mind,” said State Rep. Amy Nielsen (D-North Liberty). “It would provide the legislative oversight that is very much needed.”

The bill now heads to Gov. Reynolds’ desk to be signed into law.