Brave Community Theatre Celebrates 50 Years in Spring Valley

(ABC 6 News) – The theatre brings everyone together, it’s a chance to escape the real world and go on an adventure.

The Brave Community Theatre in Spring Valley has been doing just that for 50 years now, and this week they want you to take a trip down the yellow brick road.

"Community Theatre is the cornerstone of a thriving community and that’s why we do it," Jeff Thauwald, board member of the Brave Community Theatre said.

The Brave Community Theatre in Spring Valley is celebrating 50 years of providing family friendly entertainment, and they’re not stopping anytime soon.

And what better way to celebrate than taking a trip to Oz.

"It’s a classic tale, we all remember watching it on TV," Charlotte Carlson, co-director of "The Wizard of Oz" said. "It brings back those childhood memories, without the scary flying monkeys."

"I am playing, I hate to use cowardly lion, but he is the lion. I’ve been having a blast," Thauwald said.

Thauwald’s been on stage performing with the Brave Community Theatre since 1979, taking on roles in "Camelot" and "Annie Get Your Gun."

"I got to be in anything that I wanted to be in," Thauwald said.

He has a passion for the arts, and wants to inspire the next generation, to keep the Brave Community Theatre in the spotlight for years to come.

"We’re looking ahead 50 years in the hope that the generations behind us that are currently here will be supportive of the theatre as well, that is the vision, that is the hope, there will always be a place for community theatre," Thauwald said.

The Brave Community Theatre is operating in the Spring Valley Community Center, and in the future, members say they would like to open a Performing Arts Center in town.

"It would allow for bigger stage productions, like this to be done easier," Carlson said.

But in the meantime, they’re focusing on the here and now.

"We’d love to see you in the audience," Thauwald said.

"I hope they come, and take a trip down the Yellow Brick Road with us and go somewhere over the rainbow," Carlson said.

For more information about the Brave Community Theatre and the show, click this link.