Sun Country Airlines hits the road at RST

(ABC 6 News) – People in the Rochester area now have a new way to travel MSP thanks to a partnership with Sun County and Landline Motorcoach Service.

Sun Country customers will be able to shuttle for free to MSP instead of paying for a flight from RST or other shuttle services.

When you book your flight, you can choose the option to shuttle up to MSP for free as long as you will be traveling on Minnesota based Sun Country Airlines. All you need to do is park in the RST lot and hop on the shuttle right outside the main doors.

“Landline is like your flight on the ground. Landline offers in our vehicles leather reclining seats, we have in seat power to power up your devices, we have free Wi-Fi and on-board entertainment, generous leg room,” said Landline Business Development Manager Liz Thiesse.

For travelers, convenience and low cost come hand when you no longer have to pay for connecting flight up to MSP. This program begins September 22 and runs through December 15.