Stewartville kids raise $100,000 for new skate park

(ABC 6 News) – Two Stewartville boys have turned their rolling dreams of a local skate park into a reality.

Eleven-year-old Garrett Colligan and 14-year-old Parker Campell have spent the last two-and-a-half years raising money for a new skate park. Since then, the community has stepped in to help them.

“I think we were out just riding street one day, like jumping stair sets and stuff like that. And then we decided to go to City Hall and see what it would take, so us two went out and collected somewhere from 300 to 500 signatures,” said Campell.

The boys bussed tables at Pizza Ranch for tips, went door-to-door asking for donations, and more. They have also received a grant from Lowes and $20,000 donation from the park board, which has helped them make this happen.

“I actually grew up in the city of Stewartville, so seeing some young youth from the city approach us and say, “Hey we’re really passionate about this, we’d really like to see this come to fruition.” Hearing that and seeing that just made us really excited and I think everyone wants to be a part of that, ” Parks and Recreation Director Sandra Drees said.

The new park is being built in Meadow Park and is expected to be done this November. They are not done fundraising for their dream and will be hosting an event at Meadow Park in Stewartville this Saturday, if you are interested in supporting them.