SPAM-tastic time in Austin

(ABC 6 News) – Well it’s summer and that means family road trips. But did you know that the 3rd most traveled to tourist attraction in Minnesota is right here in our area?

It’s the SPAM Museum!

That’s right hundreds of people stopped into the SPAM Museum Sunday for a SPAM-tastic time!

“Well, we are actually headed to s=South Dakota going to Sioux Falls and Rapid City. We saw the SPAM Museum and thought we are going to have to come on through and my boys are pretty excited about it,” said the Frey Family.

News of the SPAM Museum has spread globally. Allison White is from Toronto, Canada and she even had the spam experience when she was in Africa.

“When I used to live and work in Ethiopia friends of mine from the area would come by and would pick up SPAM goods from the gift shop here and take them to Ethiopia and have a SPAM themed party. Once a year every year at the school I was working at,” said White.

The museum is open 7 days a week this summer for a SPAM-zing time.