SPAM Brand donates $160,000 for Maui fire relief efforts

SPAM Brand donates $160,000 for Maui fire relief efforts

When the Maui fires began, SPAM knew it had to help in anyway possible.

(ABC 6 News) – America’s favorite meat has been selling T-shirts to raise money for the Maui Fire Relief Fund. To date, they’ve raised $160,000 dollars.

There’s a lot of love between Hawaii islanders and the SPAM Brand.

That’s why, when the Maui fired began, the SPAM Brand knew they had to help in any way they could.

A social media post in support of Maui turned into a T-shirt design, with SPAM donating 100% of proceeds to Aloha United Way’s Maui Fire Relief Fund.

SPAM Brand’s Senior Brand Manager, Jenesa Kinscher, says there has been great support nationally and from the local community in Austin.

“I know people were, were going into the SPAM Museum looking for these T-shirts, purchasing multiple shirts with just one, one fan or one customer at a time,” said Kinscher.

SPAM will continue to donate to relief efforts until all T-shirts are sold out. However, even after supplies are gone, people can continue to help relief efforts through Aloha United Way or Convoy of Hope.