RPS schools respond to alleged racial slur incident

Bus Driver Uses Racial Slur

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(ABC 6 News) – On Friday Oct. 27, both Dakota Middle students and a First Student bus driver allegedly said racial slurs on a bus route home.

According to a statement from Rochester Public Schools, students on the bus allegedly used “a racial slur that can be described as ‘the N-word.'”

According to a statement from Rochester Public Schools, the bus driver allegedly questioned the students as to why it was acceptable to use the slur, while repeating it themselves.

Rochester Public School district leaders have reviewed the video and met with students on the bus to discuss why the use of the slur is inappropriate in all circumstances.

“Rochester Public Schools regards the use of that term as inappropriate in any way and in any setting within the school district or on the buses that transport our students to and from school,” Rochester Public Schools said in a statement. “That is true for both students and adults.”

First Student, the company responsible for providing transportation services for RPS and employer of the driver, said they will conduct their own investigation and have imposed disciplinary consequences to the driver for use of the term.