Rochester School Board committed to transparency with community

(ABC 6 News) – The Rochester School Board decided on their goals for the upcoming school year Tuesday night.

Much of the discussion at the RPS study session revolved around how to maintain communication and transparency between the school board and the community.

After achieving their goal to improve communication last year, the board decided there was still more room for improvement.

“They are important, we value what they have to say,” said Director Jean Marvin.

As part of a plan to improve communication, the board plans to hold listening sessions, giving people in the district a chance to be heard.

“These listening sessions will be designed so that we can capture many, many different voices from our diverse community,” said Marvin.

There will be at least four listening sessions this coming school year; each one solely dedicated to community concerns and feedback.

“We’re gonna have them in the community,” said Marvin. “One will be at the board room, but the others will be at places, different neighborhoods, different demographics.”

The board also plans to hold sessions giving them a chance to explain decisions that were made.

“We understand that it’s really important for the board to be transparent .” (8)

As the school year is approaching, the board hopes these methods will help people better understand their decisions.

Other goals the board decided on was to support the board’s strategic plan, improve recruitment and retention of staff members and support the redesign of the transportation system and how finances are distributed more effectively.