Rochester Public Utilities looking to increase rates

(ABC 6 News) – For the next two years, RPU is looking to increase their rates.

They listed various reasons for this like inflation, aging infrastructure, and the growing population of Rochester.

“That’s a good thing in the city of Rochester, but it comes with a cost as well, you need to have quality, reliable utilities for that growth,” RPU communications coordinator Tony Benson said.

The proposed electric rate increase would be 3.2% and for water, RPU is looking to increase that rate by 5.5%. For the average residential customer, their electric bill would increase around four dollars a month under this proposed hike.

The study conducted by 1898 and Co., suggested RPU should increase residential rates by 4.5% each year of the next three years.

For industrial customers, they’re looking at an increase of 3.2%, something that some board members had questions about.

“It does look like just over time, we’re collecting more of our fees from our residential and less from our industrial and I want to get comfortable with that,” City Council Liaison for RPU board Patrick Keane said.

Nothing official has been finalized yet as the RPU board would still like to hear from customers on the proposed hike. Their main concern is assuring customers they’re getting what they pay for.

“We’re trying to keep it as simple as possible, as straightforward as possible, and at the end of the day we want to make sure that we’re incentivizing conservation so that if you are using less electricity, you’re also charged less as well,” RPU Board Member Brian Morgan said.

The board is looking to approve the rate increase for 2024 and 2025.

They’ll hold a public hearing for community members to share any questions and concerns they may have on October 24th in the Community Room at Rochester Public Utilities; 4000 East River Road in Rochester.