RFD hosts an open house to mark Fire Prevention Week

(ABC 6 News) – It’s a nationwide event and Rochester is getting in on the action too.

On Wednesday, the Rochester Fire Department opened their fire station doors to anyone, and everyone interested in learning.

At station three, families brought their kids to engage with firefighters and get hands-on experience, like handling a fire hose.

“It was super fun, I think the best part is when I widened it because it made it bigger,” Jack Hale said.

Each kid took turns trying to aim the fire house towards where the fire was in the house. Other learning activities included how to use a fire extinguisher and touring the actual station, even sitting in a fire truck.

Even better, during the open house, station three received a call so kids and parents got to see them in action.

“They were having a get-together so I thought it be fun to bring the kid out to let them see what they do in a fire station,” Michael Johnson said.

Each kid was given their own fire helmet at the open house.

they even got a visit from Sparky the fire pup.

As fire prevention week continues, the stations are still pushing this year’s theme of learning how to deal with cooking fires, while also making the experience as interactive as possible.

The Rochester Fire Department will have two more open houses the October 11th and October 14th.

To learn more about this week’s activities, click HERE.