Iowa House, Senate pass bill restricting abortion

(ABC 6 News) – A bill banning abortions once cardiac activity is detected has cleared Iowa’s House and Senate, sending the bill to Governor Kim Reynolds’ desk.

This came after Gov. Reynolds called lawmakers back to the state Capitol to revive the 2018 abortion ban bill that was blocked by the Iowa Supreme Court.

Democrats and Republicans facing off in the battle over abortion.

“To take away Iowans options before they even know they have a decision to make, decisions that will impact every single moment of the rest of their lives, is wrong,” House Representative Elinor A. Levin said.

Democrats pushed for exceptions like if the mother is younger than 16 or developmentally disabled, but Republicans struck them all down.

The fight brought strong opinions from both sides.

“How could I not suffer trauma when a baby with a beating heart was suctioned out of me. In my faith walk, I ‘ve had to reconcile my past decision and receive God’s mercy and forgiveness so I could move forward,” executive director of Iowa Right to Life, Kristi Judkins said.

Critics say 6 weeks is before most women even know they’re pregnant and believe decisions on health should be made by doctors.

“The Iowa Legislature should not be in the business of passing laws based on the religious beliefs of some Iowans while discounting those of others,” Drake Law School professor, Sally Frank said.

With Republicans in the majority in both the House and Senate, Democrats had little hope of stopping the new ban from being passed.

It’s Gov. Reynolds leading the charge and the party is making themselves heard loud and clear.

“When a heartbeat is detected, that life should and with this law will be protected,” Senator Amy Sinclair said.

The bill is likely to face a long legal battle once Gov. Reynolds signs it. She is expected to sign it on Friday.