RCTC hosts listening session college funding

(ABC 6 News) – The state is holding a series of listening sessions with campus leaders about budget requests.

Monday, state leaders met with community colleges in our area at RCTC in Rochester.

The 2022 legislative session ended without higher education funding.

This added to the financial pressure our colleges and universities have been experiencing.

Monday’s discussion was on issues like enrollment trends and increasing student success.

“Post-pandemic we are seeing high needs of job changers and family incomes that are not keeping up with inflation so the affordability piece I appreciate being included in this budget request. I think we also need to be holistically looking and working community-wide region-wide statewide at things like affordable housing transportation and child care,” Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs, Riverland Community College, Barbara Embacher said.

State leaders are taking a proposal to the board of trustees who will decide what kind of funding is best for the colleges in November.