Rain did not deter 2023 Rochesterfest Parade

(ABC 6 News) – Many in the Med City were happy when it did not rain on the Rochesterfest parade today.

Everyone was welcome to pull up a seat to this staple event and enjoy the fun.

“We always have so much fun and look forward to it every year,” Jenna Behnke of Leashes & Leads said.

The parade is always the main event during Rochesterfest, and the community had a front-row seat.

“I set up the canopy here every year and we gather and just have fun,” Rochester resident Dennis Davey said.

Starting at 6th Street SW, the parade made its way through the route tossing candy and handing out water, or any other goodies to the audience.

There were a variety of participants in the parade that got to interact with the community.

Each float is unique to the participant, like Leashes & Leads.

“The biggest part of our float is the dogs so we have the pool every year to keep them cool if they get hot at all they can hop onto the trailer and hop into the pool,” Behnke said.

From the sheriff’s office to the Dance Lab, Med City roller derby, marching bands, even ABC 6 News, and much more prepared for this moment.

“We have been waiting for it, we’ve been planning throughout the year to get ready for summer activities because summer is our offseason,” Karolyn “Stevie Hitts” Kindchey of the Med City roller derby said.

Kevin Kinter of Rochester shared what stood out to him at this year’s parade.

“I’d say the Shriners and the little go-karts, and the bands.”

Many have been watching the parade for many years.

“We’ve been here for 12 years, but I think that the parade route moved over here maybe about 6 or 7 years ago so it’s really convenient to watch it since it goes right by the house,” Davey said.

Just like that, another Rochesterfest parade is in the books.

The parade doesn’t mark the end of Rochesterfest there are still events going on tomorrow.

Click HERE for the full schedule.