Middle East chaos boiling over in Minnesota as some plea lawmakers for ceasefire

(ABC 6 News) – For over one week, smoke and fire has filled the sky in the middle east as the Israeli-Hamas war rages on.

President Biden landed in Israel Wednesday morning and many in Minnesota are asking that the U.S. does more to bring an end to the conflict.

“May God protect all those who work for peace. God save those who are still in harms way,” said Biden at a press conference in Israel.

This comes after Israel was attacked by a militant terrorist group known as Hamas, killing hundreds and taking dozens hostage, including Americans.

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Since then, Israel has launched retaliatory strikes into Gaza, where Palestinian officials say thousands have been wounded and killed.

The war’s destruction and violence has people across the world pleading for it to stop.

“The people who perpetrated those events are terrorists,” said Rabbi Michelle Werner with the B’Nai Israeli Synagogue. “This was an act of terror. The Israelis call this 9/11 and this was worse than 9/11.”

As the region is being pushed to the brink, chaos has erupted across the United States in protests while others are calling for peace.

Roughly 5,000 lives on both sides have been snuffed out in the crossfire of the war, an estimated 1,400 Israelis as of Oct. 17.

Wednesday afternoon, the Council of American-Islamic Relations held a press conference asking for a ceasefire for all.

“We are calling on our dear Minnesotans and the nation to call for a cease fire. Call your senators, call your representatives and lets stop this atrocity,” said officials with CAIR-MN. “Take this moment to stand for both Palestinians and Israelis and end this war and end this siege on Gaza.”

While one Rochester Rabbi supports the cease fire, she says that people also need to be realistic.

“How can there be an actual cease fire when you are talking about an organization who is holding grandmothers and children hostage,” said Rabbi Werner. “The Muslim community may be calling for a cease fire, but Hamas has not.”

Werner says many Israelis have felt alone in the fight as many across the globe blamed the country for an unknown airstrike that hit a hospital in Gaza.

“Clearly what is happening is horrendous, the toll on human life. But, it is Hamas who now puts both Israeli civilians and Palestinian civilians as human shields,” said Werner. “They are cowards and are hiding underground.”

While some lawmakers are not asking for a cease fire, they are asking for a minimization of innocent, civilian lives.

“It is my deep hope that as Israel goes after Hamas, that they do everything in their power to minimize the damage that is done to the civilian population in Gaza,” said Senator Tina Smith.

As blood is spilled across the world, all anyone can do for now is pray for peace.

Biden has pledged his unwavering support to both the Israeli people and government.

Meanwhile, Biden also announced his plan to send $100 million in humanitarian funding for Gaza and the West Bank.